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Video games: always one step ahead

In the dynamic video game industry, it is vital to always be one step ahead. Only a native German speaker living in Germany can keep abreast of the latest linguistic and cultural trends. How else can you get the most out of the language so that the texts for your final product are streets ahead of your competitors’ products?

I keep my finger on the pulse of the times by trying out the latest gaming hits myself on various platforms. My personal favourites include sports games like “PES” or the “FIFA” series, role-playing games à la “Baldur’s Gate” or “The Bard’s Tale”, jump ‘n’ runs such as “Little Big Planet” and action adventure games like “Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath” or also new and classic puzzles, arcade hits and breakouts.

I am also a keen follower of the pop and sub-culture scene – from the latest films, series and cabaret shows to music and sport. The dynamic video game industry gains inspiration from these vibrant cultural trends, and in turn spawns new creations of its own.

Sport: always on the ball

The old saying is also true in the sports world: use it or lose it. And although I have three or four favourite sports, I see myself as an all-rounder with a wide interest in various disciplines. Since I was a child, I have played football, basketball, volleyball, tennis and table tennis at club level or simply as a hobby. I also enjoy downhill skiing, ice skating, ice hockey, cycling, jogging, swimming and weight training.

In my free time, I not only practice sports myself but also regularly follow sports reports on the radio, television and in the print media.

The same applies for both video games and sport: you can only prepare a good translation if you know what you’re talking about.

Why not take advantage of my passion for language, sport and play to stay ahead of the game yourself?

I look forward to receiving your call or email!


The largest translators’ association in Germany only accepts members who are language professionals with relevant qualifications or experience. I have been a member since 2003.