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I offer creative translation solutions modelled on the concepts inspired by the renowned Germersheim translation scholars, Hönig and Kußmaul. I aim to produce clear workout instructions, journalistic sports contributions, witty gaming dialogues, word play and advertising copy – with or without a foreign language original in front of me. The result is an idiomatic translation that is true to the original meaning, but sounds as if it were originally written in German.


Customer liaisons are key to quality assurance. If something in the original text is unclear, I will check back with you. To do so, I use a special QA sheet featuring specific questions, which I send you before completing the project. I can then incorporate the answers directly into the translation. One highly beneficial knock-on effect is that minor slip-ups in the original are often discovered in the process. As I consider quality assurance to be part of the translation process, I do not charge any additional costs for this service.

Bug reporting and fixing

Bug reporting and fixing is a special, practical additional stage in quality assurance in the video game sector used by most major producers and publishers. I draw here on my experience of a wide variety of QA platforms gained on-site. In doing so, I take the suggestions and ideas of the testers as in-house preliminary end consumers very seriously.


Are you interested in giving a working translation a final polish? I have extensive experience in proofreading small and large-scale projects. The art lies in distinguishing between personal preferences and true shortcomings in the text. A good proofreader is open-minded when it comes to alternatives and always willing to learn. The main questions the proofreader poses are: has the translator used the terminology consistently? Has everything been correctly translated? Is the text grammatically correct? Has the right style been adopted for the target audience? Translations crafted according to the four-eyes principle show your customers just how much communication with them matters to you.

Why not take advantage of my services and impress your customers with high-calibre texts and constructive translation solutions?

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The largest translators’ association in Germany only accepts members who are language professionals with relevant qualifications or experience. I have been a member since 2003.